Selecting A Car Accident Lawyer, Charges And More


Personal injury claims are getting more common every day and so are personal injury attorney. Several people meet with accidents on a daily basis. According to research, more than a million people find themselves stuck with an accident across the globe per day. Out of this, thousands of people die as well. The rest are left with heavy or extreme damage on their end.

So, what do you do when you have an accident because of someone else’s mistake?

You make yourself aware of the rules and laws that are created to make our lives fair. Below is a list of damages involved in personal injury claims:

  • Economic Loss.
  • Property Damage.
  • Reputation Loss.
  • Mental Harassment.
  • Humiliation Etc.

For incidents like car accidents, you’ll need to consult and hire a car accident lawyer. For an incident like a motorcycle accident, you’ll need to hire a motorcycle accident attorney and so on.

What Are The Factors That Will Help You Conclude Your Amount Of Settlement?

This completely depends on the damage and its effect. In extreme cases, there will be a high compensation or settlement of money. In lower circumstances, there will be a discussion and slightly lower compensation or settlement of money. To make it organized, below are some of the most common and top factors affecting the amount of settlement:

  • The Severity Of The Wound.
  • Occurrence Of Disturbance And Disruptions.
  • Post Expenditure Of Accident.
  • Any Kind Of Trauma.
  • Wrong And False Publicity.
  • Cost Of The Process.


How Much Do Car Accident Lawyers Charge?

Usually in cases of car accidents, the charge for an attorney is 25 to 40% of the total amount received. If the duration of the case is extended and continues for a long time, then the charges can be increased. Similarly, the charges can be comparatively less if the case is settled quickly and immediately.

It is important to note that a written agreement for the fees is done for the car accident lawyer or motorcycle accident attorney. Many countries take it as a necessary step in today’s times. As there can be a heavy cost involved in many cases, most lawyers prefer to charge after the completion of the case. The charges are either fixed or as per the percentage of the total amount decided. This is also termed a contingency fee agreement.

There is a misconception that the contingency fee agreement is cheaper than the fixed charges. But it is not true. In fact, many attorneys would agree that the contingency fees can go higher than expected.

How To Choose The Best Car Accident Lawyer?

Although people are always ready to hire a professional to gain justice, all of them stay confused about the quality of a professional. How do you measure the experience, expertise, skills and value that the lawyer brings to you? Here are some factors to consider.

Look for their communication and cooperation skills. Are they considering your points well? Are they able to understand the situation and the details attached to it? Avoid lawyers with jargon language rather go for someone who suits your understanding well.

Look for professionalism in the professional. How professionally and formally do they handle cases? Do they have their own office? Is there a list of testimonials or feedback available? What do their staff say about them? Notice, observe and go further.


Look for the fees. A lot of time, people charge highly but fail to bring value. This makes it have no value for money situation or a low value for money situation. To avoid that, observe the importance a lawyer gives to monetary discussion and legal documents for it.

Look for the amount of experience. Years are always better than months if you are serious. Even in extreme cases, lawyers with more than 2 to 3 years of experience are approached first due to their success rate. Go through their experiences and track their winning records. In terms of details, look for a lawyer who has also handled cases taken to the courts and won them. The more the type of experience, the better it is.

How Is A Car Accident Lawyer Helpful?

A car accident lawyer collects information from the incident, gives you legal and lawful advice, negotiates with the firms and companies and helps you believe in justice. In simpler terms, you end up gaining compensation for your loss and healing your loss back.

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