Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta: A quick guide!


You probably suffered injuries in a car accident that was someone’s fault. Or, what if you were injured in a trip & fall accident because the premise owner was negligent? Filing a personal injury lawsuit in such cases may not be as easy as it sounds on paper. By their very nature, these laws are complicated and hard to understand. If you want to find a top rated Atlanta personal injury law firm for your case, here are some things to consider. 

  • Know your lawyer

Many personal injury lawyers work for a single law firm, and the lawyer you meet on the first day may not be the one working on your case. As a client, you should know the lawyer representing you. Ask about their experience with similar cases, get references if needed, and check if they have the time for your case. 

  • Ask about possible outcomes

Lawyers usually offer free assessment of personal injury cases and claims. The first meeting with an attorney is highly important in this regard. You need to be honest in your version, share all the evidence you may have, and other details that can impact your case. Your lawyer will evaluate your claim, determine the merits and demerits, and offer a clear understanding of possible outcomes. 

  • Trial experience will matter. 

Most personal injury cases and claims are settled through negotiation, because going to court could be an expensive affair for everyone involved. However, a good lawyer should have experience of trial too. Ask the lawyer about the percentage of their cases that have been settled outside of court and how many they have handled in the court. 

  • Discuss the fee

This largely depends on the facts of the case, but it is possible that a personal injury attorney may work on a contingency basis. In this kind of arrangement, the lawyer gets paid if they win a settlement, and the amount is usually between 25% and 40% of the final compensation received. There could be other expenses, like investigation and litigation costs, which can be absorbed by the lawyer until a settlement is reached. 

  • Know your rights

Georgia follows the modified comparative negligence rule. This means that if you had part share of fault in the accident, you may lose out on some of your compensation. Ask your lawyer about your rights and how they plan to protect your interests. 

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