Finding A Job In Bangkok For An Expat


In a city such as Bangkok, there is a wealth of opportunities if you know where to look for them and as hard as it may seem to find a job, there are plenty of positions available for expats. If you are looking for work while you are in the Big Mango and not sure what jobs are available, below are some of the careers that you can find available in Bangkok.

A Career In Teaching

For many years there has been a shortage of quality teachers throughout Thailand and not just in Bangkok. There are many teaching jobs in Bangkok available, and the positions range from teaching kindergarten or children in an international school, right up to teaching adults or at a university. If you have the qualifications, you can have your pick of the jobs and find one that is going to suit you with ease, and you do not have to worry about sorting out the paperwork for your work permit and visa as your new employer will take care of this for you.

A Career In Sales

If you have an excellent track record in sales, there are also plenty of opportunities available in Bangkok, and there are a variety of different industries looking for experienced salespeople. Many companies are set up to target Europe, Australia, and North America that need professional salespeople, as well as companies that are targeting Asian markets. From recruitment positions to selling medical services, and from selling medical insurance to business services, there are many excellent careers in this field for people who are successful at sales.

Working In Marketing

The last decade has been a surge in the number of marketing companies that are based in Bangkok who want experienced professionals within this field. You can see that there are a plethora of companies that offer both traditional and full-on digital marketing services to companies throughout the world. The roles in this niche are wide and varied with positions ranging from sales, customer service and account management, to technical roles building, maintaining, and marketing websites. Whether you have experience at building websites, SEO, Social Media, or PPC, there is a role for you in Bangkok if you look for it.

The Recruitment Industry

Many recruitment companies in Bangkok are always on the lookout for professional consultants that are experienced and skilled in their roles. With some hard work and dedication, you can find the perfect role for you in this industry, and the salaries are also highly competitive.

Whether you are looking for a new role in Bangkok or you are looking for your first position, there are plenty of jobs available if you know where to look. An excellent source of jobs that can help you start your search for the perfect position is the Jobs DB website.

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