Inbound Digital Marketing For Lawyers


To understand the founding concept of Inbound Marketing, we refer to one of the greatest authorities on the subject:

“Inbound Marketing is a set of marketing strategies that are based on the idea of ​​creating and sharing content aimed at a specific target audience, to gain permission to communicate with your potential customer directly, creating a relationship that can be lasting. In other words, instead of interrupting potential customers, the idea is to attract them through relevant content. From there, people impacted by this content tend to feel confident enough to allow the company to get closer and, little by little, build a healthy relationship that can result in the sale.

In summary, Inbound Marketing with Grow Law Firm for example is the strategy in which clients come to your company, attracted by your message. Inbound Marketing for Lawyers offers the user quality content and knowledge about the individual’s rights that may help empower workers and entrepreneurs, retirees, and others.

Strategy And Focus Definition

The pillars of an efficient marketing plan must follow the target audience’s behavior about the service that the law firm will offer. For a logical understanding, it is essential to keep the following answers in mind when starting your planning:

Are the “legal problems” that my firm is willing to solve being actively researched on the internet by my target audience? Further on, we will show tools that make it possible to identify whether or not there is an active search. What are the terms used by my target audience to describe their problem? There is a big difference between legal language and the understanding of “laymen.”

When writing the guidance content, how do I know if I am giving too much or too little information about it? How can I build this content so that the client is interested in establishing contact with my office?

Does my target audience interact through which media and communication tools? Example: Social Security – 90% cite WhatsApp as the primary communication tool, and the second media that appears as “usual technology” for this target audience is Facebook, with approximately 75% adherence.

“The secret lies in identifying whether there is active demand for your legal focus and how you research the target audience.” When thinking about digital marketing for lawyers, we can separate the legal market into two large audiences: a) those who actively seek solutions to their problems and b) those who do not know about possible “rights” or do not understand the existing problems the same. Relevance is called “lay people” about gravity and consequences. This first public (those who actively seek solutions) is undoubtedly the one that is most likely to hire a law firm, given that it shows greater concern by actively seeking answers to their questions through the internet, with the primary tool being Google (responsible for 93% among search engines, number 1) leaving YouTube as the 2nd largest search engine.

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