4 Violations That Require You To Hire An Elder Abuse Attorney


It can be outrageous to hear about vulnerable elders being mistreated, especially if the victim is your loved one and has been neglected in a nursing home. The mere thought of your loved one suffering due to neglect can leave you with many questions. You can’t help but wonder, who allowed this to happen? How can they get away with it?

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to sit idly by, cursing the darkness. You have the power to seek justice for your loved ones. That’s where elder abuse attorneys San Diego come into the picture. This article sheds light on four common violations that demand the expertise of these lawyers. Keep reading.

Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation is a despicable act that preys on the vulnerabilities of your cherished seniors. There are various forms of tactics that perpetrators may employ. They may resort to fraudulent schemes, manipulating your loved one into believing they’ve won a lottery or need to invest in a bogus opportunity. Scammers can also exert undue influence, coercing older adults into changing their wills or granting them control over their finances, leaving them with depleted bank accounts and shattered trust.

To fight back against financial exploitation, hiring an elder abuse attorney is paramount. These legal professionals possess the expertise to navigate the complexities of elder abuse cases, diligently seeking justice for victims. They can initiate legal action against the perpetrators and work towards recovering stolen assets.

Physical Abuse

The thought of physical abuse inflicted upon your beloved senior is both infuriating and heartbreaking. Physical abuse can manifest in different ways, from bruises and fractures to bedsores and malnutrition. The physical pain endured is often accompanied by emotional scars, leading to feelings of fear, helplessness, and a loss of dignity.

It is important to understand that physical abuse can occur in various settings, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and even within the confines of a senior’s home.

In pursuing justice, an elder abuse attorney plays a vital role. With their knowledge and experience, they can hold the perpetrators accountable and ensure the safety and well-being of your elderly loved ones. They’ll take legal action, seek compensation for medical expenses, pain, and suffering, and work towards preventing further instances of physical abuse.

Emotional Distress

Though emotional abuse may leave no visible wounds, it is a violation that leaves a deep and last impact on your favorite grandparent. The psychological torment inflicted upon them, often through intimidation, humiliation, or isolation, is a sinister betrayal of trust.

Emotional abuse can manifest as verbal threats, insults, or manipulative tactics designed to exert control over an older adult’s thoughts and emotions. The consequences are profound and far-reaching, leading to heightened anxiety, depression, and a diminished quality of life.

In the face of such emotional distress, elder abuse attorneys San Diego can be of great help. They can hold the abusers accountable and advocate for your senior’s rights.


Neglect can take various forms, such as basic needs neglect, where an elder’s fundamental necessities like food, water, and shelter are inadequately met. It can also manifest as medical neglect, where necessary healthcare and treatment are withheld, leading to deteriorating health and preventable complications. The effects of neglect can be catastrophic, leading to malnutrition, dehydration, infections, and a rapid decline in physical and mental well-being.

To safeguard the rights and dignity of neglected seniors, enlisting the help of an elder abuse attorney is crucial. These legal professionals possess the expertise to navigate the intricacies of neglect cases, ensuring that the responsible parties are held accountable.

The Bottom Line

If you want to ensure your elderly loved ones feel safe, cherished, and respected, do not ignore the above signs. Contact an elder abuse attorney if you recognize any of those signs, so you can protect your beloved seniors, restore their dignity, and bring about justice.

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