The Next Move After Getting Involved in a Truck Accident


It may be an uphill task to decide the next step immediately after getting involved in a truck accident. The decisions you will contemplate during this period will determine the compensation you will receive after the accident. The following tips will come in handy in knowing the next cause of action after getting involved in a truck accident.

Immediately Stop and Remain Calm

If you are involved in an accident, you should immediately stop your vehicle and switch it off. You should switch on your hazard lights to notify other road users. Once you are at a halt, try to slowly come out of your truck and ensure you don’t sustain further injuries. As much as possible, try to remain calm with the situation and avoid jeopardizing the safety of any person around you.

Dial 911

You should dial 911 and notify the emergency authorities of the accident. The police will respond swiftly to the scene and commence assessments. On the other hand, an ambulance will be on the way to handle any medical emergencies at the scene.

While calling the emergency hotlines, you should be calm and provide relevant information such as the vehicles involved, the location of the accident, and how many people have been injured. A slight delay in contacting the police may cost you a lot in your compensation.

Gather Evidence

Evidence is everything you require while filing your compensation case. If you are in a stable condition after the accident, you can try capturing some scene pictures. If visible injuries are sustained during an accident, you should capture the images immediately. A slight affliction such as a cut or bruise can become severe with time; hence it is recommendable to capture the injury images at intervals.

To avoid forgetting about anything, you can draft some nitty-gritty details about the accident, such as the name of the responding officer,  the insurance company details, and any witnesses at the scene.

Seek Medical Attention

It is vital to seek medical attention after an accident, regardless of whether you are injured. The adrenaline hormone may hinder you from noticing any injury or feeling any pain, but this may have adverse effects. Failure to seek medical attention may interfere with your ability to seek compensation in case of any delayed injuries.

Avoid Signing Agreements at the Scene

In most cases, the offending party may present you with a compensation offer immediately after an accident. This is mainly done to avoid the long legal compensation procedures. You should turn down any instant offer presented since it may not cover all the damage in the long run. Although the offer may be tempting, always communicate with your truck accident attorney before signing any agreement at the stage.

Contact Your Attorney

Your truck accident attorney will come in handy in assisting you in building up a strong compensation claim case. For a smooth legal procedure, furnish your attorney with all information regarding the case. You can also provide the images you captured during the scene as evidence during the case. Your attorney will ensure you enjoy maximum compensation from your insurance company without any delays.

Avoid Social Media

Once you have communicated with your attorney about the accident, you should avoid sharing further details on social media platforms. Remember that any information you provide outside the court may greatly affect your compensation.

Hopefully, the above tips will assist you in making a wise move after getting involved in an accident. Always aim to drive safely and observe all traffic rules, since prevention is better than cure.

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