Recognize Law of Misdeed, Criminal Law and Agreement Act


1. Presentation:

Misdeed is break of some polite obligation free of agreement for which remuneration might be recoverable. Assuming that there is a physical issue for which no pay is recoverable isn’t misdeed. The law of misdeed depends on custom-based law. It is as yet developing. It isn’t the piece of sculpture law.


The word misdeed is gotten from Latin word “Tortum” and that means to turn or ‘direct’ which is wound.


> Salmond:

As per Salmond Misdeed is a common wrong for which the cure is a precedent-based law activity for Unliquidated harms, and which isn’t only the break of a trust or other just evenhanded commitment.

> Oxford Word reference:

Misdeed is a private or common wrong.

> Philip James:

Misdeed is a private or common wrong free of agreements for which suitable cure is an activity for unliqidated harms.

4. Recognize Misdeed AND Agreement:

I. AS TO Freedoms:

> Law of misdeed safeguards right in rem accessible against the entire world.

> Law of agreement safeguards privileges in personam which implies against a specific person.

II. AS TO Harms:

> In misdeed, harms are unliquidiated.

> In agreement harms are liquidiated.

III. AS TO Assent:

> Misdeed is constantly caused against assent of the individual.

> Contract is constantly established on assent of an individual.


> Law of misdeed isn’t systematized.

> Law of agreement is systematized.

V. AS TO Obsession OF RIGHT AND Obligations:

> Privileges and obligations are fixed by law in law of misdeed. > Privileges and obligations are fixed by parties in agreement.

VI. AS TO Safeguard:

> In law of misdeed need is a safeguard. > In agreement, need is no safeguard.

VII. AS TO Precept OF VICARIOUS Responsibility:

> Guideline or tenet of vicarious responsibility applies.

> Guideline or tenet of vicarious responsibility doesn’t have any significant bearing.

VII. AS TO Constraint:

> Constraint of time is one year in misdeed. > Constraint of time is three years in agreement.


> In law of misdeed a minor individual can sue and can be sued.

> In agreement a minor individual can not sue and can not be sued.

5. Recognize LAW OF Misdeed AND CRIMINAL LAW:

I. AS TO Gatherings:

> In misdeed parties are known as offended party and respondent.

> In criminal law, parties are known state and denounced.

II. AS TO Discipline:

> Tortfeasor needs to pay harms.

> Criminal are shipped off jail.

III. AS TO Methodology:

> In misdeed, procedures are directed by common strategy code 1908.

> Continuing are directed by the criminal strategy code 1898.

IV. AS TO Expectation:

> Expectation isn’t significant in tortiuous act.

> Expectation is generally significant in criminal demonstration.

V. AS TO Safeguard:

> Need is a safeguard in tortiuous act.

> Need isn’t a safeguard in criminal demonstration.

VI. AS TO Think twice about:

> In misdeed, compromise is allowable.

> Compromise isn’t allowable in criminal law.

VII. AS TO Procedures:

> Procedures are led by harmed individual in law of misdeed.

> Continuing are led by the state in criminal law.


> Law of misdeed isn’t classified.

> Classified in Pakistan corrective code.


> An individual under long term is convolutedly responsible in misdeed.

> An individual under long term isn’t criminally responsible.

6. End:

To finish up I can say that law of misdeed is unique in relation to law of agreement and criminal law.

Omar Ejaz Supporter is Head of Law Firm “Omar Law and Partners”. He likewise a Senior Inspector for a significant test board and A-levels Law speaker at numerous neighborhood establishments.

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