A Guide to Consent Orders


Consent orders are legally binding agreements between two people who have agreed to end their relationship and wish to divide their joint assets, which might include real estate, vehicles and other tangible assets. If there are children involved, provisions must be made for the custody and care, and if the details are agreed by both parties, this would be included in the consent orders.

Division of Property

There are numerous ways that real estate can be divided and with consent orders, property settlement is a major point, and if you are in agreement with your ex-partner regarding property, the family lawyer can handle the process of submitting the consent orders to the Family Court. That means neither you, nor your ex-partner have to attend court, and once the consent orders are officially approved, the agreement can never be changed.

Child Care & Support

Of course, if you have kids, their welfare must come first, and here are a few aspects that need to be agreed upon:

  • Custody – Who will have the children living with them, and the visitation rights of the other party, detailing the frequency of visits and perhaps some stipulations regarding visitation rights.
  • Financial Support – Of course, there needs to be provisions for the children, which might come on the form of a monthly amount paid by one party to the other, and it is not uncommon with consent orders, property settlement might also be included.

Virtual Legal Services

Of course, during the current Covid-19 pandemic, we try to get things done virtually, and the family lawyer would offer this service to their clients. The lawyer would request that you upload documents that contain your agreement in advance of the video meeting, which allows him or her to see what you have included in the agreement. The call would take about 30 minutes, and for a fixed fee, the family lawyer would draw up the consent orders in the correct format, which you would approve, and once this is done, the lawyer would submit the consent orders to the Family Court for approval.

If you are in the process of separation or divorce and require the services of a family lawyer to draw up consent orders, everything can be done online, and for a fixed fee, you can rest assured that the orders are approved and you can move onto the next exciting chapter of your life.

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