Why Does Your Company Need A Lawyer?


Companies have awakened to have a dedicated legal professional at work. It supports numerous business fronts. If you consider having the advice of a legal professional but still have doubts, know some reasons to have a lawyer in your company.

Tax Aid

As a business owner, you know how difficult dealing with Brazil’s tax rules is. The complexity starts right from the choice of the regime, whether Simples Nacional, Presumed Profit, or Real Profit. However, if you have the help of a tax lawyer, all this work becomes simpler. He can offer accounting assistance, proposing ways to pay off taxes and tax obligations.

In addition, the lawyer will also mediate the relationship with public bodies in cases of lawsuits brought against your company.

Work Laws

labor legislation can be tricky for the entrepreneur. There are numerous laws and obligations to provide fair working conditions for employees, which is entirely acceptable. However, to ensure no misunderstanding, it is essential always to have an expert on your side. The lawyer can offer advice and help workers’ hiring and termination processes. It will help your company not to have legal problems, preventing you from unknowingly infringing a worker’s right. And, if it happens, the lawyer will attend the conciliation hearings.


Anyone who works with management knows the lack of a professional to evaluate contracts with partners, suppliers, and customers. It will prevent possible future problems from being avoided, ensuring that both parties have a fairer contract. As you know, there’s you know, there is no professional better suited for this than a lawyer. With a thorough analysis of this professional, you don’t have the risk of signing fair contracts, but with unfair clauses, a very common problem.


In addition to reviewing contracts, a lawyer can support the negotiation itself. He will have more time to review proposals and agreements from partners, customers, and unions. With this, you have an advantageous aid to make better decisions.

Risk Analysis

A lawyer such as m&a attorney for instance will guarantee all the necessary legal advice to assist you in high-risk situations. He can determine the risk worth taking based on your business numbers. In addition, the lawyer can map problems possibly arising from legal proceedings. After all, it’s easy to have labor, tax, or even consumer problems. Through a previous study, the lawyer can offer a strategy to avoid all possible problems in this regard.

A lawyer can also predict potential problems your company will face based on the characteristics of your business. He can identify possible risks by closely analyzing the routine of your business. The attorney here works like a pro with predictive analytics, which is critical depending on your industry.

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