What Should I Do After My Slip And Fall Accident?


When you slip and fall, you are likely to experience various types of injuries. Some of the common injuries include head trauma, back injuries, spine injuries, and broken bones. The slip and fall accident may occur because of various factors, including negligence. When you experience such an accident due to negligence from the property owner or other party, you should claim injuries and other losses experienced. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. The property owner and the insurance company will try to dispute the claim or pay less than you deserve. You need to protect your rights after a slip and fall injury. The knowledgeable and experienced slip and fall accident attorneys at Salamati Law in Los Angeles have provided several important methods to promptly protect your rights following your incident.

Take Photos

Immediately after the accident, take photos of the place of the accident. Perhaps, a wide shot that contains the hazard without warning signs. If the accident resulted from a slippery or wet floor, take the pictures before cleaning that area. Don’t forget the damages, bruises, neck braces, cast, or signs of injuries after you visit the doctor for treatment.

Seek Medical Treatment

After the accident, the first thing is visiting a doctor for examination and treating your injuries. This will document that after the accident, you visited the doctor because you were hurt – it becomes your primary evidence when you claim. Moreover, you have to follow your doctor’s treatment orders. If you don’t follow the order, the defendants might argue you didn’t get injuries.

Report the Accident

The next step is to report the matter to the police for the accident and injuries. Request the police to give you a copy of the report.

Maintain a Case File

Get a file and put all the documents connected to your slip and fall accident – including the medical bills, absence from work resulting in lost income, correspondence with insurance companies, or other accident-related expenses. Write down how the accident took place and include anything that can be of interest to the case.

Retain Shoes and Clothes you Wore on the Slip and Fall Accident Day

You are not allowed to wash your clothes and shoes after the accident. Dirt, blood, or damage could be evidence of a serious slip and fall accident.

Don’t Accept the Blame

Establishing the cause of the slip-and-fall accident will require an investigation. This is the reason to avoid assigning or accepting the blame for your accident. You should wait for professionals to review the case thoroughly. Don’t give any statement to the insurance company before consulting with a knowledgeable slip and fall accident attorney. Also, you don’t have to sign anything either from the insurance company or the property owner.

Hire an Attorney

The last step to your slip and fall accident is to hire a reliable lawyer who is very knowledgeable in this area. A law firm provides you with valuable assistance to claim compensation after the accident and also consultation and preliminary investigation. If you get a settlement offer from the insurance company, a lawyer will help review it and advise you. Above all, slip and fall attorneys will help you overcome challenges and mistakes that hinder you from getting the compensation you deserve.

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