Surefire Ways to Winning Clergy Abuse Lawsuits


Recently, we have experienced an increase in the number of sex abuse cases by priests and clergy. While sex abuse cases happen each day, this is a hot debate if the perpetrator is a religious leader. Nonetheless, if this happens to a child, you should report the case and hire an attorney to follow up on your behalf.

Who can sue?

The child or the caregiver can file a claim against a sexually abusive priest. The child can sue for the emotional, mental and physical harm inflicted by the act. On the other hand, the caregiver or parent can file a claim for the distress related to the heinous act.

Check out ideas for winning clergy abuse lawsuits:

There are numerous cases where sex abuse allegations have been swept under the floor. However, you can file a clergy sex abuse lawsuit and get justice for your damage. What’s the trick? Read on to find out.

  1. Report immediately

Most experienced attorneys can help deal with cases that happened years ago. But, it’s advisable to report immediately. Dealing with sexual abuse cases from the past can be pretty complex. The attorney may take time gathering the evidence, and proving this in a court of law is also challenging.

The best way to handle clergy sexual assault cases is to seek prompt medical help and report immediately. This way, you’ll get immediate treatment and also have medical reports as evidence.

  1. Hire an experienced attorney

There are various lawyers online, but not all deal with sex abuse cases. To get the best out of your lawsuit, hire the right expertise. Search for clergy abuse law firms and engage the right expertise for your needs. Some cases involve rigorous court processes, and you need one with the necessary skills and experience. Besides, an attorney who has handled such successful cases in the past is likely to offer excellent results.

  1. Have admissible evidence& meet deadlines

Once you gather all that you need proof against the perpetrator, verify whether they are admissible in court. Research and ensure that the evidence is acceptable before presenting it. Once you file a claim, you’ll note that there are various deadlines and rules. All these are posted on the court’s website, go through them and avoid missing the stipulated dates. This may result in a monetary sanction or your case being postponed.

  1. Maintain proper documentation

Court processes involve various documents, and sexual abuse cases are not an exception. File all the necessary documents and keep them safely. These include medical statements, receipts, police abstracts, and any other reports that you may deem useful. The Lawyer may need them from time to time, and not having them at hand will prolong the court process. Also, with such evidence, it becomes easier to get justice.

Final thoughts

You can easily lose if you lack the right legal representation. To get a favorable court outcome, gather the necessary evidence, and engage a professional clergy abuse attorney. The professional will offer legal representation and fight for your rights to get you justice for the damages.

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