Keyman Insurance: Protecting Your Business with Insurance


Key man insurance is one type of insurance policy that is exclusive in terms of the firm it is given through and the person or the key man it is given to. For instance, its exclusivity is insurance that is taken out by a certain company to cover or insure the life of the person that is within the company, which is the ‘key man.’

Now, this insurance money goes directly to the company in situations of any sort of critical illness of that key person or their death.

What will it mean to a business owner?

Take the key person to be your business partner, and in person, they are no longer in the business due to reasons of death or critical illness, so in this, how will the company person without that person or what will be the effect of their absence in the company. The contracts will be lost because of their absence; the coping will be hard as that person was of great importance. In this case, there has to be something that will cover up for these losses in such a case.

Here key man insurance comes to the rescue as there are several people and families related to them that get benefited by a certain company’s good performance and suffer if the company faces a dark time. To ensure the backup at this time, this insurance is helpful for the people related to the company.

How and who will take the key man insurance?

This insurance is not normally a go-to for every other company, so it is taken up by limited companies. Now it’s not always that the company takes up the insurance; it can also be taken by the sole traders as another policy’s life. The person or the company by which the insurance policy has been taken must and should have a financial link with the person whose life is being insured or covered through the policy.

Who would be owing to the policy?

The company which takes the policy is the owner of the insurance, and the beneficiary is all the company, so the policy will be paid out to the company in case of loss or critical illness of the key person. But this owner of the policy can be very well changed in the future as per the situation through a procedure called the deed of assignment. This can be considered if the firm or company ceases trading  will leave, so needs the transfer of the policy, for instance, to a personal cover.

How much does the policy cost?


The cost of the policy depends on the person being insured through the policy. Like smoker status, age, the cover, and length/term of the insurance. So when the policies have been submitted to the providers, they will accept the policy at standard rates, which includes exclusions, premium, postpone or decline. So the cost of the policy is not exactly known until its issues. It is variable.



Key man insurance is a great step to help you overcome the bad days a company might face in the future, by just fifteen minutes in the submission of the application, to then being accepted by the insurance writers’ immediately if everything looks feasible and practical. So you are covered for the future within a day.

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