How To Select A Child Molestation Defense Law Firm


Choosing a child molestation defense law firm can be difficult – there are many important aspects to consider. These attorneys should provide their clients with a humane approach and never refer to their client as a “defendant.” By doing so, juries will understand that they are dealing with a real person and not just a number. They should also provide a motive for the false accusation of sexual abuse.

Identifying a child molestation defense lawyer

Child molestation charges are serious and have life-changing consequences. A conviction for child molestation can result in community custody, which is like parole. To be eligible for community custody, you must obtain permission to travel to and from designated places, refrain from sexual acts near children, and undergo periodic polygraph tests. A child molestation defense lawyer can help you avoid such consequences. If you’ve been charged with child molestation, contact Jason A. Volet to learn more about his services.

A child molestation case begins when the child tells someone about the abuse. A police investigation usually follows. This process typically involves interviewing the child. In Washington, child interviewers follow a guide created at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. If the child denies the accusations, the prosecution will likely seek additional information from the child. If this is not enough, the prosecutor will likely file a child molestation charge.

Providing a motive for a false allegation of sexual abuse

If you’re accused of sexual abuse of a child, you’ve most likely gone through an ordeal before your trial. The justice system and society assume that you’re guilty until proven innocent. After all, you’ve had to go through hell before you’re even tried. You’ve been humiliated by family, coworkers, and employers, and you’ve been accused of a crime you didn’t commit.

While some people may make up an allegation of sexual abuse simply because it feels like it’s true, the majority of false accusations of child sexual abuse stem from misperceptions, implanted thoughts, and suggested memories. Many attorneys underestimate the power of suggestion and the possibility of false allegation. The premise behind the law firm’s approach is that false accusations are not always malicious, but they must be treated as such.

Pre-trial incarceration for child molestation convictions

Pretrial incarceration for a child molestation conviction can be up to four years, depending on the crime. In Goggins v. State, the defendant was convicted of aggravated child molestation. He was 18 years or younger than the child he molested, he physically injured the child, and he committed sodomy. Although the crime did not take place on the exact date of the victim’s disclosure, it did involve serious sexual misconduct.

A juvenile defendant who engages in sexual intercourse in the presence of a child must have the intent to arouse or satisfy their own desires. However, this does not mean that the child must have seen the defendant’s sexual organs to be convicted of child molestation. The defendant must also have the intent to arouse the child’s sexual appetites.

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