How And Why To Select A Debt Collection Attorney


A debt collection attorney strategies multiple aspects of law to ensure either recovery of debts from non paying clients or protect one from overeager creditors. The latter is the more frequent case that a debt collection attorney represents. A debt collection attorney in Minnesota is one of these highly skilled professionals.

Why does one need debt collector attorneys?

  •       If anyone is chasing debt for a long time and needs a professional who can represent the case in court by developing and executing strategies in favor of the creditor
  •       Inability to pay back the debt for a long time
  •       Creditors are frequently calling for being threatened unfairly.

How can a debt collector attorney help?

  •       A creditor can be benefitted by receiving back debt money in a certain time frame or getting to set terms with the debtor.
  •       A debtor can get some time to pay back the borrowed amount or lesser amount if the attorney is able to execute strategies well and negotiate the amount down.

Here are some of the dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly experienced debt collection attorney in Minnesota who bring out really effective outcomes through their unique strategies.


SPOE is a team of dedicated lawyers with more than 100 years of experience. The team consists of five of the best debt collection attorney in Minnesota along with other highly qualified assistants, paralegals, and legal assistants. One of them is a Minnesota State BAR Association Certified Specialist, a rare prestigious honor amongst the lawyers of Minnesota.

The team helps individuals and businesses through their knowledge, virality, and enthusiasm.

One can expect the following services that they offer

  •       Relief from abusive creditors
  •       Harassment over phone calls at work or home.
  •       Collection of letters, lawsuits, judgments, wage garnishments
  •       Repossession
  •       Relief from bankruptcy through management of credit card debt,  medical bills, and unsecured personal loans.

Joel Matthew Fremstad

Joel Matthew, the founder of Fremstad Law, started out with the goal of bringing advantages to the clients in various issues.

He is one of the well-known debt collection attorneys in Minnesota with about 24 years long experience.

Maxwell Sander Shek

A very passionate, and professional attorney of Minnesota who vouches for dedicated, personalized, comprehensive, and affordable representations of his cases with real results. He makes debt collection as simple as one could have thought of. A very quick, painless debt collection is ensured by him and his team.

James Teigland

James is one of the highly appreciated business attorneys and most of his cases are of debt collections where he has high expertise and works under Fremstad Law.

Matthew Doherty

Another highly qualified debt collection attorney in Minnesota is Mathew. He has been several times recognized by popular law magazines as a Rising Star. Debt collection is one of the other specialized areas where he offers the following services in the following areas

  •       Arbitration and mediation
  •       Asset searches and seizures
  •       Collections
  •       Credit application drafting
  •       Creditor Bankruptcy representation
  •       Demand and running letters
  •       Fair debt practices act (FDCPA) compliance and defense.

Other popular and efficient lawyers include Geroge Warner, Bryan Zlimen, Sarah Fisher, John Berg, and many such.


Debt collector attorney saves debtors and creditors from a lot of unnecessary inconveniences. However, while hiring a professional one should keep a few things in mind such as, is the attorney appropriate for the case, do they have proficiency in the concerned debt type, how they represent the case, and how much the attorney charge. An attorney who fits these considerations has the ability to make the process less complicated and trouble-free.

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