Here’s why you must hire an auto accident lawyer in Virginia! 


A sudden car accident can have a disturbing impact on your life. If you suffered serious injuries, this could mean spending thousands of dollars on medical bills, besides other financial losses. In case the accident happened because of the other driver, you may have the scope for filing a personal injury lawsuit and asking for compensatory damages. However, things are often not so simple, especially in Virginia, where car accident laws are a bit different. No matter the circumstances, talking to a known law firm, such as The Jackson Law Group PLLC, or one of their attorneys can be immensely resourceful. In this post, we are sharing more on why you need to hire an auto accident lawyer in Virginia. 

  • Limited time

The statute of limitations in Virginia allows just two years to bring personal injury lawsuits after a car accident. Note that the statute of limitations doesn’t apply to insurance claims. You are required to inform the insurance company within a reasonable time. While 2 years may seem like a lot of time, you may miss out on important evidence if you don’t act immediately. If you didn’t take any evidence or photos of the accident site, your attorney can still gather these details, provided you contact them at the right time. 

  • The “contributory negligence” rule

Unlike many states, Virginia follows what is known as the “contributory negligence” rule. This means even if you had the slightest role in causing the accident, you cannot file a personal injury lawsuit against the other party. If you file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurer, the claims adjuster will rely on the contributory negligence rule to find more on cause and liability. Without an attorney, dealing with the insurance company, or proving your innocence won’t be easy. 

  • Expertise

Considering how car accident laws in the state are different, especially the contributory negligence rule, you definitely need a lawyer. A skilled auto accident lawyer knows what it takes to handle various circumstances, and they can also offer guidance on the best course of action. Lawyers also deal with insurance companies every now and then, so they are usually very smart at handling negotiations. A lawsuit or trial can be an expensive affair for everyone, so your auto accident lawyer will always try to settle things out of court. 

Check online now for the best auto accident lawyers in Virginia and ask for a free initial meeting. 

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