Can you get child custody without a job?


Have you recently been in an argument and want to divorce your partner but are worried you won’t gain custody of the child? This can be a worry for a lot of parents because they believe that due to a lack of an income they will not be eligible for custody of the child. This blog is designed to help remove this misunderstanding as well as tell you what you can do if you are in a situation like this. If you need some extra help, or want to consult with qualified, experienced professionals, consider getting in touch with family lawyers Perth.

What Does A Judge Consider In This Situation

Being in a situation where you don’t currently have a job but still want to support your child is difficult and the Australian government understands this. That was why they have decided that the factor of income only occupies one area of how they decide child custody. Other areas on their decision focus around the child’s best benefit, the way each parent treats the child, living conditions, and more.

This means you are in luck as you actually have a better chance than you might have thought. If you feel like the other partner might not be a good role model for the child or the state of their living condition is not for their them then take advantage of this. Even if you don’t have a great income or have a job, you can still request to share the child or have full custody.

Can You Request Or Apply For A Child Support

Depending on the judge’s decision and how you act, there can be potential solutions to your predicament. During the judging phase, you are more likely to be viewed on your consistent income and if you can supply for the child. This means that if you have a steady inflow of money you can overcome this difference. There are different ways to go about achieving this.

A great way to deal with this is through child support payments and requesting an increased amount per payment. Through the judge’s assessment if they find that you are a more responsible parent but don’t earn most of the income then they can request larger child support payments to cover the child’s living expense and potentially money for housing expenses. If you are looking to apply for child support you can do it through the Australian Government website or through trusted family lawyers.

Who To Talk To For The Best Advice On This

Do you want someone to talk to who can give you the best potential case when pursuing child custody? The most qualified people to discuss your situation, what information you need to gather and what you should do are family lawyers Perth. Good family lawyers will understand you and your situation, and do their best to resolve the issue as stress-free as possible. Great family lawyers will also get you the result you deserve, so make sure to call a respected, proven agency.

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