Arrested for a Sex Crime Allegation? Steps to Take to Preserve Your Rights


A sex crime charge is a matter that can change your life instantly and lead to long-term consequences. When convicted, you could spend years in jail and pay hefty fines. But, even if you are charged, you can still fight back and work to clear your name. It is the right of every accused individual to defend themselves. A skilled Rochester criminal lawyer will help get your charges reduced or dropped altogether. Once you have been charged with a sex crime, here are steps you should do immediately to preserve your rights:

Get In Touch with an Attorney

As soon as you have been arrested, get in touch with a defense lawyer immediately. Use your one phone call to call an attorney or ask a member of your family to contact one for you. This way, your lawyer can tell you what you must do while the police are holding and questioning you. Your attorney will develop a strategy to fight the charges. 

Don’t Panic

It is quite stressful to be arrested by the authorities, so you may react to the arrest emotionally. It is understandable to scream, cry, or even lash out. But, yelling at the cops or shouting in your prison cell will not help your situation. The better thing you should do is to think of reassuring thoughts and relax your mind. Even if you are in this tough situation, you still have the power and it’s not the end of the world for you.

Document the Arrest in Paper

If possible, write down whatever you can remember regarding your arrest. Did the police read your Miranda rights when they arrested you? Did they have a warrant to search you? Also, take careful notes about the types of questions the police asked you when they arrested you. Misconduct from them could impact your charges. 

Refuse to Answer Questions from the Cops

The police will try to get you to admit to the charge. Although you must treat the police with respect, it is not necessary to tell them any detail about the alleged sex crime. Never respond to questioning even if the cops are pressuring you. You have the right to remain silent. Just tell them you want to speak with your attorney first before you answer any questions.

Don’t Post Bail Yet

Before you post bail, make sure to consult a lawyer first. Bail is cheap and you may need to post it. You don’t want to owe bail money for nothing. Your attorney may be able to decrease your bail amount or make sure you do not need to pay bail. 

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