A Guide To Understanding Which Child Custody Attorney Should You Go For


As we know, in this world, the crime rate is at its peak. No one feels safe at this time, whether in daylight or the darkness of the night. Like robbery, murder, harassment, and many other different cases we all hear about daily. But then also we have some courage to move outside with a free body and without any tension of having something terrible happen to us because of our brave policemen and lawyers. All are helping us get justice, if we are innocent or not, and sometimes the lawyer still helps you even if you are guilty because of money, fame, etc.

But these are all the cases regarding criminal cases or robbery and many more, but what if there is any situation like a fight between a family or, we can say, between husband and wife? In this situation, which type of attorney should we have to visit? If there are any cases related to family issues like divorce, fights between families or child custody, etc. So these types of cases are known as Civil Cases, and there are different types of attorneys.

In this article, we will discuss the same; if you need to learn about them, do not because you are on the right page. So let’s start.

The Three Primary Attorneys Who Handle The Civil Cases

Child Custody Lawyer

The child custody lawyer is a kind of family law attorney who helps decide where and with whom parent the child will live. Sometimes the parent mutually decides with whom the child will live and to whom it will visit at the weekend or as they decide. The leading role of the lawyer is to stand up for their client and help them or to decide with whom the child will live.


Roles Of Child Custody Lawyer:

  • These types of lawyers have all the knowledge regarding the procedure, child custody, and courtroom environment. They will guide you in all manners regarding the situation.
  • They also help you in getting familiar with different arrangements which are present in child custody.
  • They also let you know about the distinct kind of custody there and prepare the client by giving them briefs about their responsibility regarding child custody.

Family Law Attorney

As we can guess by the name, the Family law attorney helps clients with family issues like fights between partners, adoptions or child custody, etc. They also help you with various agreements, related property, etc.

Roles Of Family Law Attorney:

  • They will provide you with all lawful liberties and responsibilities.
  • They can also be your child custody lawyer and provide you with all the necessary legal help with which they can relate to your child’s physical custody.
  • They also can be your adoption attorney and help you with all the legal procedures of adopting a child.
  • They can also be your divorce lawyer and help you with all types of paperwork, property separation, etc.
  • They also help the client if they want to file a paternity case against any of the parents. Single mothers can file paternity for financial support without the father, and on the other side, a father can also file paternity that he is the child’s father.


Divorce Attorney

The Divorce attorney is also a family law that helps you with all your legal rights, financial aspects, custody, documents, property division-related information, etc. They always stand by your side in this worst situation of your life and help you get proper legal justice.

Roles Of A Divorce Attorney:

  • They help you settle the clashes that are getting worse between the two partners. The lawyer suggests an appropriate and genuine decision suitable for both partners.
  • The procedure of divorce contains lots and lots of paperwork. But having a lawyer will be easier for you because the lawyer will handle all the paperwork, make you understand it, and let you know what to do next.
  • It helps the clients have a legal right on their assets like property, if any, finance may be any child custody and many more things.

In A Nutshell

With the help of this article, you will know which type of lawyer you have to visit for your case and, if it is a civil case, then to whom you can go according to your case. All the information is mentioned above, like attorneys, their roles, and many more. So go through this article, and this will surely help you out.

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